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Choosing a Race or Touring Paddleboard, How Narrow Should You Go?

How narrow should your race or touring paddleboard be? A lot of emphasis is put on specific numbers when you are shopping for paddleboards, but what does it all really mean? And what do you really need? As usual, the answer is not one size […]

SIC Bullet 14 V2

SIC Bullet 14 V2

For me, downwind paddleboarding easily meets the gold standard of fun.  I love getting out into the open water when big swells are happening.  The thrill of hunting down monster bumps, catching them, and then surfing them at high speed is just a glorious feeling.

Paddleboard accessories can add to safety and enjoyment

One of the beautiful things about paddleboarding is the minimal equipment that you need to go out. The only things that you absolutely need are the board and the paddle. From there you can choose what other paddleboard accessories you want/need to make your journey […]

SUP Paddles- Finding the Right One

Standup paddleboard (SUP) paddles come in many different shapes, flex patterns, blade sizes, materials and prices.  Understanding some the basics behind sup paddle technology and construction will help you choose the right paddle for your style of paddling.  Whether you are a strictly flat-water paddler, […]

Sup demo of the new Corran Addison Designs Doppler

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Corran Addison Designs Doppler paddleboards.  Thursday was the big day!  We got both the 10’6 and 11’6 models and I couldn’t wait to get out there and demo these sup’s!  With gloom, rain, chilly air temps, […]

SUP Shapes: Choosing the Right One

There are many different kinds of SUP shapes designed for specific types of paddling.  When you are beginning to look for a paddleboard you should have an idea of what type(s) of paddling you want to do.  The three main kinds are flat water or recreational, […]

Corran Doppler SUP

Corran is a new company out of California making standup paddleboards in the United States.  I tried out the 11’6” Corran Doppler paddleboard last week at our local lake and had a great time with it!  The Doppler is a hybrid SUP.  Hybrid boards can include […]

Sweet Waterwear functional paddleboard clothing that looks good too!

Sweet waterwear is a line of stand up paddleboard clothing created by Sean and Judy Sweet in the land of paddling, Hawaii. There are a lot of things to love about Sweet! Here are some of the highlights They use premium watersport performance fabrics It’s […]

A quiver of paddleboards

The idea of a quiver of paddleboards is foreign to most people.  Most people get one board that is suited for all of their needs and they are happy with it.  It may not be the best choice for everything they want to do, but […]

Paddle board construction, 4 common methods

There are numerous methods of stand up paddleboard construction.  We are going to take a look at 4 of the most common methods. These are Wood sandwich construction AST (advanced sandwich construction) Carbon Pop out The commonality among all of these paddle board construction methods […]

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