Splitboarding Gear

Jones Snowboards Backpacks

Jones Snowboards is a brand new company (right up Neverbored’s alley!) started by big mountain legend Jeremy Jones.  So it makes sense that Jones has their own line of splitboards, tapered pow machines, and bombardier freestyle twins.  They are part of a growing movement in […]

The Jones Splitboard Solution: the best of both worlds

  The snow is falling and the mountains are being blanketed in white goodness.  And that means the opportunities for splitboarding are growing fast.  And for me that means it’s time to hop off the couch, tune up my tried and true Jones splitboard and […]

Choosing a women’s splitboard…it’s not easy!

   If you saw our blog about my first experience “earning my turns” New Year’s Weekend, you know that I have become a little obsessed with the idea of splitboarding.  For those of you who missed it, here is a quick recap.  Mark and I […]

Choosing women’s splitboard bindings…the last big choice

So far we have talked about my obsession to get started splitboarding, the trials of choosing a splitboard, now it’s time for the rest.  Thankfully there are fewer options for bindings and other necessary accessories.  For bindings there are a few questions to answer Do […]

Splitboard Skins

Splitboarders can only travel uphill to the top of their line on the mountain if they are using skins.  If you tried touring up a mountain without splitboard skins, you wouldn’t make it very far. The base of your board is designed to slide over […]

Splitboarding Gear

For the last several years the evolution of backcountry snowboarding has been closely associated with the re-emergence of the splitboarding movement.  Well, maybe it isn’t quite a “movement”, but there is no doubt there has been a lot of interest and participation building especially since […]

Jones Solution Splitboard

Five years ago I bought my first splitboard, a Jones Solution.  It was Jones Snowboards’ first year in business and the boards were being built in Tunisia- by the same OM that builds Yes snowboards, as well as their own brand.  Today Jones Snowboards are […]

Spark Arc and Surge Splitboard Bindings

Spark R&D is one of the first, and few, companies that has been making splitboard-specific bindings for about ten years. In that time they have made many improvements to their designs, consistently creating lighter weight, more functional splitboard bindings. For the 2016 season they are […]

Jones 2016 Splitboards

Jones Snowboards started in 2009 and has since grown into the most well known brand for backcountry and freeride snowboarding. Jeremy Jones’ vision of creating a snowboard company that specializes in making high performance snowboard gear to tackle the demands of the backcountry and big […]

Jones 2016 Splitboards Pt. II

Jones is a snowboard company that thrives on all-mountain and freeride style riding. The owner of the company, Jeremy Jones, has pretty much led the way in backcountry snowboarding growth for several years now. One of the biggest obstacles in getting people to think about […]

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