Snowboarding How-to

How to Ride the Chairlift on a Snowboard

How to Ride the Chairlift on a Snowboard When it’s your first time on the hill the first order of business is figuring out how to ride the chairlift.  I remember my first time on a snowboard at Wildcat Mountain.  I had never been on […]

Riding in the Trees

Riding in the trees is part of the natural learning progression when it comes to all-mountain snowboarding.  The glades, as they are known, fill in all that space between and around trails. The gladed areas on the mountain collect the snow that the wind picks […]

9 tips for your first time snowboarding

Congratulations on your decision to learn to snowboard!  You are in store for tons of fun playing in the snow!  But there is a learning curve with snowboarding and hopefully these tips will make learning a little more fun and a little less painful. Commit […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Snowboarding in Powder

If you learn to snowboard on the east coast, you are probably very familiar with icy, hard pack, and “loose granular” snow conditions.  But you probably aren’t all that familiar with riding actual snow…ok, maybe a few inches here and there, but actual powder…like a […]

Tips to determine your snowboard binding setup

When determining your snowboard binding setup, there are three basic things to keep in mind. Regular or goofy? Stance width Stance angles You need to know a little bit about your snowboard when you set up your stance also.  Is your board directional, true twin, […]

Learn to Snowboard

Learning how to snowboard is awesome, especially after you get your balance dialed in and gain some initial control over your board.  The balance and board control can take some people an hour or less to learn, while others may need a couple of days […]

Tips to improve your snowboarding

No matter what your level of snowboarding prowess, you are probably looking for some ways to get better.   Here are some tips for beginners and intermediate snowboarders to make improvements and get more enjoyment out of your riding We all learn in different ways and […]

“How do I hot wax my snowboard?”

Have you ever asked yourself, “how do I hot wax my snowboard?”  Well here you go. Waxing your snowboard on a regular basis is a good practice for a number reasons.  Snowboards undergo a lot of heavy friction and impacts even on a normal day […]

How Do I Sharpen My Snowboard Edges

Have you ever wondered how do I sharpen my snowboard edges?  Tuning your snowboard edges is an important part of snowboard maintenance.  Your edges do most of the grunt work when carving through a turn, dumping speed, braking and on and on.  As a result, […]

Learn To Turn Your Snowboard

   The winter sports season is still a couple of months away and you may be considering trying out snowboarding.  Or you may have tried it already with your friends but felt you didn’t really get it.  Maybe you slid down the mountain on your […]

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