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Build your own snowboard with PowderJet Snowboards

Build your own snowboard with PowderJet Snowboards

A couple of years ago while at Splinters Board Shop near Sugarbush someone came in talking about the PowderJet “Speed of Sawdust Tour” where this character named Jesse was holding 2-day make-your-own snowboard workshops at a variety of venues from New England to Utah. He […]

More women’s snowboarding gear from the Stratton Demos for 2019

More women’s snowboarding gear from the Stratton Demos for 2019

Wednesday was a snow day fun day. With snow starting around 10 am and going all day and all night, there were constant refills. After picking up a Never Summer Proto Type Two last year, I was curious about what else Never Summer has to […]

Stratton Demos…First look at some 2019 Women’s Snowboarding Gear

This year was a little different at the demos. Since we no longer have the shop, the goals when heading there were a far cry from what they were in the past. We went to ride, have fun, and test out some cool new stuff […]

What’s new from YES. and Now Snowboarding for 2019

Next year YES. celebrates their 10th year in business. Congrats guys! In honor of that, there are some exciting things going on. There is a new logo to celebrate their refresh and staying power. The new logo is more anchored and represents a sort of […]

Snowboarding Preview for 2018/2019- Jones Snowboards

There has been a lot going on at Jones Snowboards this year developing new and expanded offerings for next season. For the 2018/2019 season, you will find Bindings Accessories Avalanche equipment New Board sizes New Boards Bindings Next year Jones is adding bindings to their […]

Jones Snowboards Backpacks

Jones Snowboards is a brand new company (right up Neverbored’s alley!) started by big mountain legend Jeremy Jones.  So it makes sense that Jones has their own line of splitboards, tapered pow machines, and bombardier freestyle twins.  They are part of a growing movement in […]

Arbor snowboards, skateboards and apparel-collective preservation

  Arbor Collective, maker of snowboards, skateboards and apparel has a huge commitment to the environment.  Using materials like castor bean top sheets and recycled glass for grip on their skate decks, they are doing their part to change the face of the the way […]

Affordable womens snowboards…no longer an afterthought

Women’s snowboards under $400 In the world of snowboarding, women and their equipment often seem like an afterthought.  But if you know where to look, there are some great women’s snowboards out there. Here is a recap of a few favorites this season from Gnu, […]

Jones and Roxy Snowboards bring it to the table for women!

Because there is too much to say about women’s snowboards to cover in one article, here is the next chapter.  The boards featured here offer more tech and some unique features that you don’t find at a lower price point.  Here’s where we look at […]

New-ish Tech: Gnu Asym Sidecuts

Gnu Asym (read asymmetrical) snowboard sidecut technology has been around for several years so it’s not exactly brand new.   And if you go all the way back to the eighties you can find asym tech on various boards coming out of the Elan factory in […]

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