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Outdoor Tech headphones, speakers you can take paddleboarding, & more

Outdoor Tech came on the scene in 2011 providing rugged Bluetooth solutions for listening to music on the go.  Since then they have made the Fortune 500 list, and according to Inc. Magazine they are one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies. “Outdoor Tech […]

Dress right and you can enjoy winter activities outdoors

How do you have fun outside in winter? If you are going to be outside for any length of time, having the right gear will go a long way to having a fun time.  There are a lot of people I know who hate the […]

Skratch Labs Hydration Mixes and Feed Zone books

sports drinks.  So Allen started making his own.  He included just what you need to replace what you sweat, and he left out all of the other junk.  The result was mixes mildly flavored with dehydrated fruit that are gentle on your stomach and very […]

Try Snowshoeing for a Great Way to Get Outside Winter

If you love to be outside but don’t really know what to do with yourself where there’s snow on the ground give snowshoeing some thought. Snowshoeing has a lot going for it It’s fantastic exercise It doesn’t require much equipment It’s not expensive It doesn’t […]

Quick Tips for Selecting a Pair of Snowshoes

Whether you are purchasing snowshoes to get you out into the backcountry to snowboard or you want to cruise around the local golf course, you should know what you are paying for. There are a lot of different shoes on the market and prices range […]

Indo Boards Offer Versatile Balance Board Training Options

When searching for versatility in a balance board, it’s near impossible to find something that will give you better options than the Indo Board. Balance boards are a great way to train indoors (or out), to improve balance, core strength, and posture, and to work […]

The Rise of Paddleboard Foilboards

New innovations continually pop up in most sports as they evolve. In paddleboarding we’ve had some pretty crazy ones including motorized boards and boards powered by built-in stair steppers. But recently, an old contraption has found it’s way to the paddleboard scene- the foil. We […]

To make the winter fly by, go snowshoeing, learn to snowboard, try ice climbing, or find another winter activity to love

The bears might be on to something hibernating for the winter. It’s cold, it’s often gloomy, the days are so very short, and shoveling rots. But winter also presents a fantastic opportunity to switch things up and find new activities to enjoy.     If […]

Sustainability and Neverbored

Vendor selection is very important to us and we do not choose any of our partners lightly.  Sustainability and the use of eco-friendly materials and practices are very near and dear to us, so companies who feel stongly about these principles have a special place […]

Neverbored Board Shop: A New Brand Shop

Neverbored Board Shop: A New Brand Shop

  Neverbored, a brand new standup paddleboard and snowboard shop in RI, is also a “new brand” shop.  We are just four and a half months old selling products from manufacturers who are also starting out in the world.  We always knew that we wanted […]

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