Carver Skateboards: The Magic and the Passion

carver skateboards

Carver Skateboards was started by Greg Falk and Neil Carver in 1996 as a side project to get their skateboards to feel more like their surfboards.  It quickly dawned on them that if they could get the front truck to swing looser than the back truck without the board becoming wobbly and unstable then they might be on to something.  As it turned out, this is exactly what was needed to accomplish their goal- to be able to surf the streets of Venice, CA when the beach break was flat for days on end.

After years in the making, Greg and Dave finally came up with a design that started to shape what Carver is today but only after building many different prototypes and spending countless hours ‘research’ riding the back alleys of Venice.   They introduced all sorts of spring mechanisms into their trucks in order find the right balance of flex and stability.  Some designs even incorporated bungee cords to stabilize the swinging arms of the trucks.  Soon it became clear that they needed to invent a mechanism that had never been engineered before.

It took a long time and many more prototypes and design sketches to finally arrive at what is now the most unique truck in skateboarding- the Carver C7 skateboard truck.  The new Carver trucks were mounted on decks and passed out to surfers in the area for their appraisal.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and even legendary waterman Laird Hamilton endorsed the new product.  Laird has had several pro-model Carvers placed in the line since then.

carver skateboards

But Neil didn’t stop there.  More tweaking and research led to further improvements, which led to a slightly tighter-feeling truck that was also more responsive and released more power when pumping.  Neil called the truck the CX and it came after a great number of minute design alterations to get the truck to perform exactly how he envisioned it.  Then Carver went even further and designed a specialized tool that would allow the skater to adjust the truck on the fly with incredible ease and speed.  This wrench alone took a solid two years to develop.

So you may be starting to see why we are so pumped on carrying this brand.  Rarely does a company spend this long developing and perfecting a product.  As a result, Carver skateboards are incredibly fun to ride.  Once you get on one you never want to put it down. And if that isn’t awesome enough, Carver skateboards are 100% made in the USA using the highest standards, and the best materials and manufacturing methods.

Neverbored is one of the only a few Carver dealers in RI, and we love selling these boards.  We let our customers try out the demo board in the parking and we always see that huge smile open up across their faces as they roll past the storefront.  So stop by and check one out- you won’t forget it!

carver skateboards




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