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Bonfire snowboarding is an outerwear company in its 25th season.  Founded by Brad Steward back in 1989 it is a snowboarder built and driven company making some of the best functioning and looking outerwear in the industry.  Brad is a former pro snowboarder and film school graduate. So when he started Bonfire, his idea was for it to be a clothing line, film company and ad agency…the goal was to do something more creative than just making stuff and selling it.


bonfire snowboarding ri

“It was 1989, and I had traveled the world snowboarding and pioneering a sideways life. I needed a way to express what I’d seen, heard and felt in mountains, gondolas, lift lines, café’s, bars, bookstores, planes, trains and automobiles that carried me through the world. I wanted to send a message to anyone that would listen – snowboarding will change your life, if you let it.

Bonfire was that message.”

–     Bonfire Founder, Brad Steward

The line began with three t-shirts, and it was three years later when the Bonfire outerwear line debuted.  Brad’s history included working with industry icons Sims, Barfoot and Morrow.  Bonfire Snowboarding launched after his departure from Morrow and it launched with the attitude that he “had to make it work”.  In fact “make it work” was printed on the bottom of those first labels.

Upon realizing that chasing Burton was not going to lead to success, Brad took a different approach and did something that the competition would never do, partnered with a ski company.  In 1995 Bonfire partnered with Salomon, the largest ski company at the time.

bonfire snowboarding

Bonfire is currently on a mission to return to its roots, trying to find something people don’t yet know that they need and build it for them.  Their outerwear reflects this in style and function.  The line is timeless and full of cool features.  The designs are smart, not over the top, and everything is functional and looks great.  The styles are classic but current and the fabrics are durable and feel good to the touch.  And they have lines for men, women, and kids.


Some of their unique features include

  • Rotating cuff adjustment that allows you to Velcro it as a traditional wrist closure or wrap it around the thumb to keep the cuff in place and keep everything else out.
  • Hoods adjust with a single pull, and the release is covered in fabric so it is always functional regardless of the conditions.
  • The Mega Vent is an extra large inseam vent unzipping from one knee to the other below the crotch gusset.
  • The phone pocket has a clear cover allowing you to use the phone without removing it.  But you can also remove it from the pocket via a separate zipper on the outside that does not require you to unzip the jacket
  • Pant gaiters have boa windows so you can adjust your boots on the fly
  • Overalls feature a separate fly for quick trips to the bathroom
  • Magical little Mystic heat pockets in the back of the neck and wrists where you can insert hand warmers to keep you toasty
bonfire snowboarding

They also have all of the features that we have come to expect from all quality outerwear.  Rest assured, Bonfire has all the standards and much more…

You will find

  • Lined collars for comfort
  • Audio routing
  • Interior goggle pocket (Bonfire has a removable goggle bag also)
  • Sleeve pass pocket
  • Zip off and snap back powder skirts
  • Hand warmer pockets with a keyhook
  • Two way zips on the jackets
  • Mesh backed vents
  • Adjustable waists
  • Knee articulation
  • Reinforced hems
  • Snap up hem saver for the pants
  • Snaps to connect pants to jacket
bonfire snowboarding

If you are in the market for snowboarding outerwear, be sure to check out Bonfire Snowboarding.  They are “tailored to destroy” and in supporting them, you are supporting the roots of snowboarding, and what could be better than that?

If you want to read more about the Brad Steward story, Yobeat did a fantastic interview with him…you can find it in its entirety here



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