BOGA Paddleboards: Cutting Edge Design and Value


BOGA Paddleboards is one of the leading paddleboard brands on the market today.  Their boards are light, stable and really fun to ride.  The designs are simple in all the right ways with fresh colors and bamboo veneer tops.  We met the owners of BOGA, Dave and Trish Meyler, at Surf Expo in Orlando in 2012, during their first year on the market.  They previously owned a furniture business and when someone offered to buy it, they took the offer and moved on to the paddleboard business.  They fit the aloha spirit of SUP in every way.  We got a really good honest and warm vibe from them and the way they presented their product.  It is that same vibe that you get when you paddle a BOGA board.  It is easy, straight-forward and gives back everything that you put into it.  The folks we bring out to demo these boards often feel very comfortable on them right away and love the awesome glide and stability.

BOGA started out with eight very distinct models of paddle boards that covered everything from touring and race training to surf-specific adventures.  This year they have added two more models.  Their most popular boards tend do well in surf and flat water and are what the industry calls 50/50 boards.  Some 50/50 paddle boards are designed more for surf, while others are more proficient at flat water paddling and touring.  Let’s take a closer look at three of their most popular models.

The Classic:  The Classic is an 11’2”L x 30”W all around board.  It is great for new comers who are learning to surf because of its moderate uplift (rocker) through the nose and tail, dual leash plugs, and it comes with side bites, two smaller side fins that aid in turning on waves when you surf.  It also is great for folks who only want to be on flat water touring lakes, rivers, bays etc. because it has great glide and the length adds speed and stability.

The classic is a great board for beginners to advanced paddlers alike and will do well in surf and flat water.  The board weighs only 26 pounds and has a self-regulating Gore vent (automatic pressure release) and a Go-Pro mount on the nose.  With 180 pounds of volume it is a great board for anyone weighing 190 pounds or less.


The Yoga:  The BOGA Yoga, as the name implies, is designed for the yoga enthusiast who wants to bring their routine out on the water.  The Yoga is 11’L x 32”W and it is an extremely stable and fun board with a flat top and boxy rails that reduce any tippy-ness one might encounter while doing yoga on the board.  It also has a matte finish eliminating any slipperiness and a soft, smooth deck pad that extends to well over half of the board.  Your feet feel like they are being massaged as you paddle.  The board is light for quick and easy transport and it has a four-way bungee tie down up front to secure your water bottle, jacket, backpack, paddle, etc.  You can also anchor the board from the nose or tail for when it is time to start your yoga excercises.

The Yoga is also a favorite of flat-water paddlers because of its smooth, fast glide and plush deck pad.  The board has an incredible 209 liters of volume and would be great for anyone of 275 pounds or less.   Hell, you can take the kids and the dog out for paddle with that volume.


El Rey:  The BOGA EL Rey is the Classic’s big brother.  It is 12’L x 31”W with a whopping 200 liters of volume that will easily float even the largest paddlers.  The El Rey is BOGA’s best all-round 50/50 board for larger folks looking to catch some low-key wave action and for touring around your favorite waterways.  It’s also perfect for people with big dogs who enjoy a little company when heading out on their daily paddle.

The v-shaped bottom towards the tail, double concave throughout allows the El Rey to readily release water flow making it a very smooth ride with a huge amount of glide.  The large single fin allows it to track incredibly straight while cutting through chop and headwind.  The El Rey also sports dual leash plugs, Goretex vent (like all BOGA boards) and the super cool Go-Pro camera mount on the nose.

BOGA also offers surf-specific models in the Deep Eight Surf and Bullet and at the other end of the spectrum are the Tsunami race models.  In the middle are the Todos and El Tiburon. BOGA Paddleboards provide a range of options for everyone’s personal preferences and skill level.  They are an awesome core paddleboard company that is gaining a lot of respect very quickly.




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