Bern Snowboard Helmets

Bern Unlimited has been in the action sports head protection business since 2004. They are a privately owned and operated company from Duxbury, MA that have grown to become one of the best known helmet manufacturers in the world. If you snowboard, ski, skateboard, wakeboard or mountain bike you probably have seen their helmets sitting on a lot of heads. And there’s good reason for that. Bern snowboard helmets are very effective at preventing traumatic head injuries, as well as being highly adjustable, comfortable and stylish.

Bern Helmets

ConstructionSome Bern hemets have carbon fiber constuction that are incredibly light and weight little more than a hat. The carbon fiber shell is married to an EPS foam housing- this is great for someone with neck problems or backcountry enthusiasts looking to lighten the load.

Bern’s Zip Mold technology consists of a PVC shell attached to a one-piece liquid injected foam. Zip Mold helmets offer the lowest profile sizing and it weighs less than most other helmets.

Thin Shell construction uses an ABS shell with EPS foam housing. It’s tough and light weight at the same time.

Hard Hat construction uses an ABS shell with moisture wicking foam that is stands up to multiple impacts.

Note: Hard Hat construction helmets do not meet certified action sport standards. They are meant to take multiple small scale impacts.

bern carbon helmet

The Carbon and Thin Shell helmets are designed for single impacts but can absorb a much heavier collision. Once the shell cracks it’s time to replace the helmet. If you send your damaged helmet back to Bern they will send you a new one for a discounted price.  If you smack your head with these helmets check them right away for any damage.


Bern makes women and men specific helmets. The men’s helmets larger shells and edgier colorways, whereas the women’s models have smaller shells and are offered in a broader range of colors.

bern helmets


So let’s take a look at a few of Bern’s more popular helmets.


The Baker is a men’s/boys certified EPS foam and ABS (polycarbonate) Thin Shell helmet that sports an integrated visor to keep the snow, rain and sleet from settling on your goggles. It has a BOA adjustable liner that you can use to dial in the perfect fit. And it has audio ready earflaps for use with Outdoor Technology Universal Wireless Audio Chips.


The Macon also has the EPS foam and ABS (polycarbonate) Thin Shell construction and it’s available with either a summer or winter liner so it can be used for skate and bike activities as well as snowboard and ski. It has a sleek, low profile design and includes the BOA liner adjustment and audio ready earflaps.

bern BOA


The Watts is another multi-sport helmet that has an EPS foam and ABS (polycarbonate) Thin Shell construction, BOA liner adjustment and audio ready earflaps. It has an integrated visor like the Baker but it also comes in the Carbon Construction, which weighs about 6 ounces less.

Women’s / Girls


The Muse is a light weight, multi-sport, certified EPS foam and ABS (polycarbonate) Thin Shell helmet with integrated visor, audio ready earflaps, and BOA liner adjustment. It’s available with either a summer or winter liner depending on what types of sports you are primarily going to use it for.

         bern audio earflaps  outdoor tech chips


The Brighton is another EPS foam and ABS (polycarbonate) Thin Shell construction with audio ready earflaps and a BOA liner adjustment. It has a sleek, profile design design and a very comfortable fit.

All the above models are made using Bern’s Zip Mold technology so they are guaranteed to be light, strong and comfortable. For more information on these models and other Bern products check out your local Bern dealer.



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