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The goggle scene these days is flooded with everything from super high-end, multi- featured products that make you drool, to dirt cheap pop-outs that will hardly last one season on the hill.  Every once in a while a company will rise up out of the fray and stake it’s claim on the market as a brand that is distinct from it’s competitors.  Ashbury goggles has slowly been making that climb since 2007.

The thing is, what makes Ashbury different is not some new, space age technology or fancy, gimmick-laden models.  In fact, all the features you will find on an Ashbury goggle you can find on just about any other goggle on the market.  So what’s the attraction?  Two things: affordability and style.  And it helps that they use high quality materials and the latest manufacturing processes.

This, unsurprisingly, is what most people are looking for- a goggle that is durable and protects their eyes and face from the sun and elements for a great price.  Oh yea, and it should look like a snowboard goggle and not something you’d wear while riding in the space shuttle.  Ashbury does a great job of bringing together functionality and styles that appeal to the masses.

Amazingly, they do this with a small number of frames. We’re talking a whopping 3 goggles for their entire line. You would think that this would work against them as their competitors offer 50 or more different goggles on any given year.  Ashbury uses it to their advantage by offering three very solid frames with a variety of colors and patterned bands to choose from foregoing the fluff and hype you see a lot of other goggle brands immersed in.

Also, each Ashbury goggle comes with two lenses.  Although this is nothing new, we feel it saves the buyer a good deal of time and expense from having to go hunt down a low light lens.


The Warlock

The Warlock represents the simplest design of the 3 Ashbury goggles.  It has a double lens with 100% UVA protection and anti-fog coating.  Ashbury employs what they call the Snap Fit system for changing out your bright and low light lenses.  The lens basically snaps in and out of the frame instead of the regular notch and tab system found on most goggles.  This makes it easier and quicker to swap out your lenses on the fly.

The Warlock also has full perimeter venting for clearing fogged up lenses and thick layers of hypoallergenic face foam for great comfort.  The flat shaped lens wraps around the sides of your head offering a wide field of vision.

The Kaleidoscope is Ashbury’s mid-priced goggle.  It shares the same simple yet stylish look as the Warlock but with a hint of old school styling mixed in.  Also like the Warlock, the Kaleidoscope has a wide double lens with full perimeter venting and sealed in an anti-fog/anti-scratch coating.

The Kaleidoscope’s primary lens is mirrored for extra UV protection in bright conditions.  And like all Ashbury goggles, it has a helmet compatible design that fits snuggly against the brim of your lid- and that means no gaping!


The Bullet is Ashbury’s higher end goggle.  It’s main feature is the modern extra-wide spherical lens that gives the rider even more peripheral vision than the Kaleidoscope and Warlock.  The Bullet also has a double lens with an anti-fog/anti-scratch coating, full perimeter venting, hypoallergenic face foam, and the Snap Fit lens changing system.

In addition, the Bullet’s lens offers 100% UVA, UVB and UVC blocking for a full range of protection against harmful rays that can damage your eyes and skin.  When the sun clouds over and the storms roll in just pop in the low light bonus lens and you’re good to go!

Ashbury goggles’ variety of colors and designs include everything from flat, standard colors, to turquoise, tortoise and camo designs.  If you like no-brainer products where you don’t have to overthink your purchase because it’s comfortable, it’s affordable and it looks good- then you will love Ashbury goggles.  So head down to your local snowboard shop and check them out!




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