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Arbor Collective, maker of snowboards, skateboards and apparel has a huge commitment to the environment.  Using materials like castor bean top sheets and recycled glass for grip on their skate decks, they are doing their part to change the face of the the way these industries do things.   Keep your eye out for Arbor signage on reclaimed wood and scraps, watch for their tags which are made out of remnants left from the manufacturing process and you know this is a company dedicated to preserving our resources.

Most of Arbor snowboards make use of

  • Bio film – a 30% bio-plastic high-gloss film which replaces harmful, traditional clear coats to provide durability
  • Power ply topsheet-sustainably sourced structural wood delivers improved return, durability, weight.  They have a super secret process for printing right on the top sheet to get those awesome effects of the wood showing through the graphics.
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) managed wood cores
  • Recycled steel edges- 60% recycled hardened steel for maximum edge durability and performance

Arbor’s commitment to the environment and their manufacturing methods result in some of the best riding and best looking boards on the mountain.  With a board for everything from urban street riding to big mountain pow and for every level from beginner to expert, Arbor snowboards definitely has a board for your style of riding.

All of the wood used in Arbor skateboards is from sustainable sources as well as the wood byproducts from the manufacture which are reclaimed for use within Arbor or by outside companies.  This reduces the strain on the forests and landfills and shows a respect for the materials by not wasting them.  They teamed with Lucid Grip to produce their environmentally friendly translucent grip on the deck tops.  A water based sealant and crushed recycled glass allow the Hawaiian Koa or Bamboo top ply to show through and provide secure grip.

Their pintail boards are perfect cruisers.  If you have a commute of a couple of miles, if your board is your ride to the coffee shop, or around campus, the pintail is perfect.   The axis boards have drop through trucks.  They are a little lower to the ground and provide a more stable-feeling ride.  It’s great if you’re trying to get your skating “feet” or if you want to knock out some slides.  They will do it all.

The Arbor Collective apparel collection uses mostly bamboo viscose fibers for a hand feel that is hard to beat.  Bamboo is the most renewable, sustainably grown raw material.  It grows incredibly fast and is self-regenerating.  It does not require pesticides or fertilizers and requires only natural rainfall.

Their spring and summer lines make use of recycled products like plastic bottles and trash bags.  Using these recycled products keeps items out of the landfill and reduces reliance on petroleum for processing.

The attention to detail is apparent across all of Arbor’s lines.  Their snowboards ride like a dream and are incredibly well thought out.  Their skateboards look great and cruise with the best of them.  And their apparel feels nice, looks good and is well made.  Did we mention that Arbor skateboards and apparel are all made in the USA?  Couple that with their commitment to using environmentally responsible methods and materials, and their commitment to making use of as much of the materials as possible this is a company you want to get behind, and on.



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