Arbor Snowboard Reviews: Westmark, Element, Whiskey and Roundhouse

At the beginning of the year we wrote a post on some of the 2015 snowboard gear we tried out at the Stratton Demos.  And since I’m a big fan of Arbor snowboards I dedicated another post to some of Arbor’s offerings for 2015 based on our conversations with our Rep Tim McKenzie.  Well, here it is October and the weather is turning.  Soon we’ll be heading into the mountains every week getting after the fun.  So in light of that, let’s talk a little more about some specific Arbor snowboards that are out for the 2015 season.

All of the boards listed on this post use Arbor’s Rocker System. The System incorporates two main features: parabolic rocker and Grip-Tech side-cuts.  Parabolic rocker positions the most of the rocker in the middle of the board, and then it gradually lowers towards the tip and tail of the board keeping the outer contact points closer to the snow.  This gives you the benefits of rocker (ease of turning, playful feel, float in powder, etc) while engaging more of the rail for stability and edge hold.  Grip-Tech consists of four additional contact points (bumps on the side-cut) placed in the areas where your toes and heels are situated.  This greatly improves edge hold by putting the contact where most of the pressure is applied by your feet.

Arbor Element

The Arbor Element is a medium flex board that is designed to be ridden in the park, the trees, powder, and tearing up groomers- basically everywhere you would want to go.  It has a twin shape that is great for riding switch and throwing flat land tricks. The slight set back (the nose being longer than the tail) gives you a little extra pop off jumps and makes it easier to lay into carves.

The board has a snappy bamboo and poplar core that gives it an even and predictable flex but is also damp enough to absorb the bumps and crud in icier conditions.  The diamond shape tips adds 1 centimeter of extra length to the nose and tail giving you extra float in deep snow.  The Element has a sintered base that is fast and allows the board to turn extra smoothly.  And this year’s graphics have that earthy, wood grain classiness that makes an Arbor boards really recognizable.

Arbor Westmark

The Westmark is really popular with park riders who also spend a lot of time out of the park riding the whole mountain.  The board has won numerous Transworld Good Wood awards and is recognized by many experts as one of the best snowboards of all time.  The full poplar core adds durability and responsiveness.  The medium flex and true twin shape is perfect for all kinds of freestyle riding from rails and other park features to larger sized gaps.  The Westmark is also comfortable cruising the whole mountain, riding in trees, and the full rocker shape floats easily in deep snow.

The Westmark is great for jibbing AND riding the whole mountain, which means that it does the work of two boards.  And it comes in sizes 150, 153, 154, 156, 157, 159, 160 with sizes 154, 157, and 160 being mid-wide for folks with larger feet.  So just about anyone can match up nicely with a Westmark.

The Whiskey

The Whiskey is a medium flex board designed to ride everything from park features to powder.  The twin shape allows for easier switch riding while the one centimeter set back gives you better carving abilities and more float in deep snow.  The Whiskey has a durable and responsive poplar wood core.  The eco-friendly ash top sheet gives the board additional pop and the graphics on the Whiskey are sublimated right onto the wood giving them that vintage look.

The Whiskey has a low-maintenance extruded base and fully wrapped sidewalls rounding out the durability factor.  It sits nicely right in the middle of the flex range between the Element and the Westmark making it great option for someone who wants a “do everything” board while saving a good chunk of change.

The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is a mid-wide, high-end, true all-mountain board, with twin tips and a 1 centimeter setback.  It has a bamboo and poplar core for a snappy yet smooth feel when rallying through turns or just cruising the mountain.  The gorgeous, eco-friendly eldorado top sheet improves stability and performance.

The diamond shaped tips add extra length and torsional stiffness for more float in deep snow and better control in variable conditions.  The Roundhouse is definitely designed for bigger riders who are going to be spending most of their time cruising the mountain, bombing down steep terrain, or in the backcountry.  The high-quality materials and select woods give this board great performance, durability and it looks stunning.

So there’s a quick look at a few of Arbor’s most popular boards that are now out for 2015.  In addition to being some the very best riding boards on the market, they are backed by a 3 year warranty– by far the best warranty program available today.  So stop by your local snowboard shop and check out some Arbors- they will go fast!


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