Amundson Paddleboards

John Amundson started his paddleboard company, Amundson Hawaii, after 30 years of shaping surfboards. Amundson paddelboards are built for a whole range of styles including all around, race, yoga, touring and cruising, and a few women specific models. The all around paddleboards are designed to be super comfortable to paddle, very durable, and affordable.

Amundson Spark paddleboards are designed be stable and easy to learn on. They are great for recreational paddling and yoga. They have a wide nose so you can bring along the kids and dog and still have plenty float and stability. They even have an attachment for a mast step so you can windsurf them!

Amundson Spark paddleboards are a great value because they use the Fusion-Tech molded technology of their higher end boards but at a really affordable price. These boards sport a full length EVA deck covering including the rails. The are multiple plugs for attaching tie-downs, one on the nose for hooking up a tow line or anchor, and two plugs- one on the tail and one in front of the handle for attaching your leash.

The rails on the Amundson Spark boards are also covered with Gator Skin material for added protection against scratches, dings and accidents in general. In addition, the Spark Series boards have a very comfortable Easy-Carry handle that makes picking up and carrying your board pretty painless.

Fusion-Tech uses a waterproof EPS foam core that is pre-molded to the shape of the paddleboard before it is put into the laminating mold. This ensures that the board’s skin is completely bonded to the core allowing for a more durable and consistent quality paddleboard.

Spark 10’6”: The Spark 10’6” is 32” wide, weighs 26 lbs and has 183 liters of volume. It will easily carry anyone up to 190 lbs for beginners, and up to 220 lbs for experienced paddlers.

Spark 11’: The Spark 11’ is 33” wide, weighs 29 lbs and has 217 liters of volume. It easily carry anyone up to 230 lbs for beginners, and up to 270 lbs for experienced paddlers.

The Amundson Source paddleboards are the boards that anyone can hop on and ride their first day out, feel comfortable, and have fun. They are a little wider than the Spark series and have more volume so they can easily accommodate larger riders.

These boards have a full deck pad- great for bringing along the kids or dog. They also have multiple tie-down points for securing coolers, dry bags and other items. They also have an attachment point for screwing in a mast step so you can windsurf it too.

The Source Series make great platforms to fish off of because they are so stable and have lots of volume. The Source boards incorporate Amundson’s Rhino Lite construction that increases durability.

Source 11’: The Source 11’ is 33” wide, weighs 30 lbs and has 217 liters of volume. It easily carry anyone up to 230 lbs for beginners, and up to 270 lbs for experienced paddlers. 

Source 11’10”: The Spark 11’10” is 34” wide, weighs 33.5 lbs and has 250 liters of volume. It easily carry anyone up to 300 lbs for beginners, and no limit for experienced paddlers.

So if you’re looking for a fun, stable, durable paddleboard with lots of features you should check Amundson. These are great boards for family and friends to learn on and have fun. Head down to your local Amundson dealer for more info!




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