All Around Stand Up Paddleboards

all around stand up paddle boards
If you have been shopping around on the internet for any length of time, you have probably noticed that most SUPs tend to fall into the all-around stand up paddleboards category.  What makes them so popular is that they fill the void between surf specific boards and racing boards (including down winders).  They are versatile and there are many economically feasible options available.  They are especially popular with recreationalists and beginners because they allow the rider to experience a range of paddleboarding disciplines without having to invest in a quiver.

All around paddleboards can be very different from one another.  If you wanted a stable board you that could learn on but with the intention of surfing later on then you can get a board that will accommodate that plan.  On the other hand, if you see yourself doing more flatwater and touring paddling there are also all around boards that will suit that purpose better than others.
all around stand up paddle boards
In general, an all around paddleboard will be longer, wider and have more volume than your typical wave board.  These boards are normally at least 10 feet long and have a width of 30 inches or more.  They also have more volume than your average surf style paddleboard.  As a result, they have a focus on being stable and being able to support more weight.  This makes them great beginner boards and/or boards for larger people.

For all around boards that are good to surf, you want to look for the following features and attributes.

  • A fin box set-up:  The ability to add side-bite fins while surfing will help you getting on the wave in the 2 + 1 configuration by giving you more speed.  In the quad and 2 + 1 configuration you will also be able to make tighter bottom turns and be more stable when travelling down the steep sections of the wave.
  • Rocker: Rocker is the upturn in the nose and tail.  Rocker in the nose makes the board easier to turn onto the wave because it frees up that section of the board from the hold of the water.  This gives the board a better turning capabilities and it helps to keep the nose from diving under the water (known as pearling) when travelling down the wave.  Rocker on the tail helps the board pivot easier especially on bottom turns when the rider is standing way back on the tail.
  • Concave: Some all around paddleboards may have scooped out sections on the bottom of the board.  These concave sections help channel water along the surface of the board giving it greater speed and stability when turning.  There are many different types of concave and all have different purposes.

    all around stand up paddle boards

If you are looking for an all around paddleboard that is more oriented towards flatwater paddling, you should look for these options.

  • Paddleboards that are a little longer relative to your size and weight, but generally starting at 11 feet. For more stability, look at boards at least 30 inches wide.
  • Low rocker.  The lower the nose and tail are to the water the more waterline the board will have.  This translates into better glide and speed.  Glide helps make paddling easier with less effort and this is a good thing for touring and distance paddling.

all around stand up paddle boards
All around paddleboards are easy to learn on and will allow you to try out a variety of paddleboarding styles.  They do not do any one thing spectacularly but they do perform adequately for most.  Since all around paddleboards can vary greatly from board to board, we suggest you visit your local SUP shop where they can guide you toward options that will help you achieve your paddling goals and meet your budget.

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