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airblaster snowboarding

Airblaster is a snowboarding apparel company out of Portland, Oregon.   It was founded in 2003 by pro snowboarders Travis Parker, Jesse Grandkowski and Paul Miller.  Airblaster’s product line started out consisting of three t-shirts and a beer coozie.  They eventually expanded into making the Airleashsnowboard leash line.  Today, Airblaster has everything from 20/20 bomber apparelto ninja suit underwear.  They make mid-layers, street wear, and even goggles.

One of the things that make Airblaster awesome is that it is completely independent, owned and run by snowboarders.  And they make pure OFP (original fun products) and that’s important in a world where the top snowboarding brands are owned by failed hedge-fund managers, Crockpot makers, and European ski companies.  So the guys felt snowboarding needed get back to what snowboarding is all about…being a kid.

Never losing their flair for the absurd, Airblaster has made jackets that are a play on old school labeling from outdoor apparel giants. They also have pieces modeled after farmer-ware, hunting jackets, and your grandparents’ clothes.  This year they have a women’s pant called My Brother’s Pants and the men’s counterpart, the Sissy Pant.  Their mascot is a Pterodactyl.  They make a detachable leg bag to put all your stuff in so you don’t have to fill up your pockets!  Always thinking, these guys.

Airblaster Family Portrait – Part 1 – Founders from Airblaster on Vimeo.

Airblaster’s team not only includes legend Travis Parker, but also some of the best riders in snowboarding- Jed Anderson, Leanne Pelosi, Nick Dirks, Brandon Cocard and Tim Eddy.  The whole team gets involved in the design, materials and functionality of Airblaster’s products so you know that these pieces are designed by snowboarders, for snowboarders.

Here’s my take on a few of the awesome snowboarding stuff that Airblaster makes.

One of the best-loved products in the Airblaster lineup is the Ninja Suit.  The Ninja Suit is a one-piece, soft, merino wool (also comes in the less expensive poly blend), step in underwear suit with a backdoor access flap and a hood to boot!  It also has a cool shuriken patch on the chest that gives you special powers.  And if you didn’t know, merino wool regulates your temp (keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm) and keeps you dry as bone better than any other material on the planet.  It’s what all the pro-boarder guys and gals who get paid big bucks wear.

airblaster snowboarding

If you need a high-end completely breathable and waterproof shell then Airblaster’s Parker jacket is the ticket.  The Parker is made out of 20K mm/15K g material with a longer fit to cover your butt and a rear storage compartment to hold extra gear or your lunch.  This jacket has a super clean look along with a helmet compatible hood, pit zips, and removable powder skirt.

If you’re in the market for a really warm insulated jacket then the Donald is an awesome choice.  The insulation consists of E-C02sy fill, which is made from recycled plastics and is stacked at 200 grams- warm enough for helicopter rides to the North Pole.  The Donald is cut long and has a 10K mm waterproof rating, pit zips, removable hood, powder skirt, wrist gaiters and more.  It is everything you need when you need to feel soft, cozy and fully protected from the cold and windy elements.

For the folks that enjoy a simpler and more street-worthy look the Sissy pants have you covered.  The Sissy is cut from a rugged, twill material that stretches and makes you feel you’re wearing your old jeans when you go to strap in.  The Sissy is seam-sealed waterproof and breathable (10K mm/10k g) and has boot gaiters, built-in waist adjustment and mesh leg vents.  These slimmer cut pants look great on everyone and have a unique fit that make you feel like you’re browsing a coffee shop library, or chopping wood out by the shed – but really you’re snowboarding.

Companies like Airblaster make life better because they have their priorities in order.  And it follows that their products reflect those values.  In this case we are talking about original snowboarding values, or the four F’s: friends, family, freedom and FUN!  Go get some Airblaster- it’s fun!


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