Affordable womens snowboards…no longer an afterthought

Women’s snowboards under $400

In the world of snowboarding, women and their equipment often seem like an afterthought.  But if you know where to look, there are some great women’s snowboards out there. Here is a recap of a few favorites this season from Gnu, Niche, Arbor which don’t break the bank with a pricetag under $400.

The Gnu B-Nice is a great place to start since this is a perfect board to get started on.  It holds a special place in my heart since it was my first board, and if I could learn on it…anyone can learn on it.  Gnu’s super user-friendly banana tech (i.e. rocker) combines seamlessly with Magne-Traction to keep you from catching an unwanted edge while ensuring you have plenty of edgehold.  Sound contradictory? Not really. It all makes sense when you ride it.  It is nice and flexy, and maybe most importantly for a beginner-it is very forgiving.  It will float in powder, play in the park and take on everything in between.  “Fun, flowing, effortless, and explosive!” in Gnu’s own words.  This year’s graphics remind me of an old toy store favorite of plastic bubbles you blow through a teeny tiny straw (dating myself there.)  Swirly, colorful, and awesome!

womens snowboards

On to the Niche Minx…the Minx is a happy, little surprise currently flying under the radar, but probably not for long since it is a lightweight, super durable, snappy package all for under $400.  It is a flat camber board with lots of flex and even more snap.  Niche uses all of their revolutionary, environmentally friendly materials  in this little bundle of joy (for more information about their manufacturing, check out our Niche blog article.) This is a great board for the park, but don’t be deterred by that if the park is not quite your thing.  It is also a great all around cruiser.  It butters, snaps off kickers and does pretty much anything you ask of it.  And it is stable enough to feel comfortable all over the mountain.  All of that comes in an attractive, lightweight and affordable board. The demo I rode was a little small for me and it was so lightweight I thought it would wash out on me.  Nope…don’t be fooled by the Minx’s unassuming feel…it’s a tough board up for whatever you throw at it!

womens snowboards

This year’s Arbor Cadence features a pared down, killer graphic with an icy blue deck.  LOVE this year’s look!  But it is so much more than just a pretty picture.  The Cadence is a rocker board for women who want to have park kind of fun all over the mountain.  It is a great all around choice for women who like to dabble in all that the mountain has to offer.  If you like to do spins, jumps, maybe some rails, the Cadence won’t do you wrong.  It is a board geared toward the intermediate to advanced rider and will take you wherever you dare to go.  And Grip Tech (Arbor’s version of MagneTraction) ensures that your edges hold on…even on the east coast ice.) Everything that Arbor does seems to just feel right.  The Cadence is no exception.  If you want to take it in the park, it’s happy to go there…if you want to bomb down a big line…bring it! This versatile board is a steal for under $400.

womens snowboard

While there are many other options out there this year, these three are standouts in their price range.  They each have their own feel and look, but they will all take you wherever you want to go in style.



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