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We are Cathy Hall and Mark Dionne, RI natives and owners of Neverbored Board Shop, Inc. Our shop focuses on standup paddleboarding and snowboarding to keep you on a board all year long so you are “neverbored.” It was born out of a desire to spend more time doing things that make us happy and sharing those things with everyone.

When we first tried paddleboarding we were immediately hooked. It was a transforming experience. It was incredibly easy to get started. It was serene. It was challenging. It was full of possibilities. We spent the summer and fall on the water more days than not, both flatwater paddling and surfing the coasts of RI and Maine. We couldn’t wait to get everyone we know on a board. Now we can’t wait to build a paddleboarding community in northern RI

Snowboarding has been a huge part of Mark’s life for many years. When we met he really wanted to teach me how to ride but learning to snowboard was the most challenging thing I had ever done. With sheer resolve to not let it beat me, I managed to learn. Now I am the one begging to go every week.

Mark has snowboarded all over the US, in parts of British Columbia and Chile. His true passion for snowboarding lies in the back country; finding untouched terrain, picking his own lines and exploring mountains in their natural state. He eventually wants to build a back country snowboarding community in RI to share this love of the sport in its purest form. Paddleboarding has much of the same appeal. You can go anywhere there is water. Before paddleboarding he would spend summer nights staring at the ceiling, dreaming of fresh pow. Now he can stand sideways on boards and travel across water-calm lakes, crashing waves, or fresh powder all year.

Our love of the outdoors and my nine years of managing small businesses and close to twenty years in retail and customer service combine naturally to create neverbored. Mark windsurfed for fifteen years and grew up sailing. He volunteers with the AMC to maintain trails in the White Mountains of NH and played tennis and hockey growing up. I grew up swimming from almost the time I could walk and playing tennis.

We are very excited about the opportunity to develop a paddleboarding community side by side with the very people neverbored exists to service. It promises to be a very interactive process and we value any input and suggestions from our friends, family and customers.

So stop in, say hello and take a look at our collection of paddleboards, apparel and accessories. We can’t wait to meet you and help you do more of what makes you happy.

Cathy and Mark

Meet the Team

Cathy Hall

Mark Dionne

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