A Second Look at the SIC FX Pro 14


At the beginning of the season I wrote a post on the SIC FX Pro and my initial thoughts on it. Well, the summer is winding down and round two of prime paddleboard season is starting up. I’ve put many miles and many days on the SIC FX Pro 14, so it’s time to take a second look.

The FX Pro was designed to be a race specific paddleboard that will maintain stability when conditions on the water get rough. It also incorporates some features found on downwind paddleboards, so it’s well adapted for that too.


The nose and tail of the FX Pro have some uplift so they sit just off the water. This is not like rocker on a planing hulled board that curves upward. It’s more gradual and the nose retains a distinct displacement shape even though it does not sit below waterline. Full displacement nose race boards are really hard to paddle in side chop and they do not turn easily- they want to track straight and go fast.

The bottom of the FX Pro is very flat which allows it to start planing early when riding on a downwind bump. Likewise, the uplift in the tail gives it enough maneuverability for turning onto and off of bumps.


I’ve had this paddleboard out in all kids of weather and conditions. For glassy flatwater days it serves as a wonderful cruiser. There is a lot of glide and speed on tap so you can cover the miles with relative ease. The square rails through the middle and tail sections release water easily so the board responds quickly when you put your foot on the gas.

I talked about stability in my last Pro FX post but I’ve since had it out in few rough, open water conditions. At 25.5 inches wide it is not the most beginner friendly board. That said, with a little time and experimentation, the FX Pro is very, very stable for it’s size in open water. I took on some enormous boat wakes directly from the side and with a little bracing felt perfect stable on this board. In choppy conditions I take a step back and let some water go under the nose (instead straight into it) and I’m able to maintain good speed and the board stays flat. The design really works well!


Tracking on the FX Pro is excellent as one would expect on a 14 foot race board. The uplift in the nose and tail does cut down on some of the waterline that provides better tracking and speed, but the board makes up for it in versatility and maneuverability. This is a high performance board that you can cruise around on, race, downwind and take out in less than favorable conditions in open water. There are not a lot of boards on the market that can make that claim at this level of performance.




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