9 Reasons to learn to snowboard this year

For many of us who didn’t grow up in or around the mountains, we don’t really have a good idea of what snowboarding is all about.  Our frame of reference is Shaun White and the Olympics or the US Open.  But snowboarding is so much more than that.  And many in the industry are thrown into a tizzy when people see those competitions as the face of it.  Competitions like the US Open and the Olympics are a very small part of snowboarding and have no resemblance to the roots of snowboarding when we were forced to hike up the mountain because we weren’t allowed on the lifts.

Even now what you see on TV is a far cry from how most people experience snowboarding.  Most people cruise around the resort on groomed trails, perhaps venture into the trees, maybe hit the park.  But most snowboarders are not hucking themselves spinning off of a 60’ jump, or venturing into the pipe, never mind doing a 720 fifty-fifty backside rodeo. Snowboarding is much less intimidating that it looks on TV.   In case you need some reasons why you should learn to snowboard this year, here are 9.

learn to snowboard
1) It’s fun!  ‘Nuff said.

2) Snowboarding is great exercise and will make you strong.  It’s a fantastic way to spend time outside and breathe in crisp mountain air rather than sit around the house sipping cocoa (which is perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged, after spending the day on the mountain).

3) It’s a great way to push yourself a little past your comfort zone.

4) It is fun to learn something new.  And snowboarding is a commitment to learn, but you will feel a real sense of accomplishment when you get it.  And you will have lots of fun!  (see number 1)

learn to snowboard

5) There are a million different things you can do on a snowboard.  You are limited only by your imagination.  Cruising groomers, laps through the park, hitting rails or doing wall rides in the city, building a jump in your back yard, and hiking lines on a splitboard in the backcountry are just a few of the options.

learn to snowboard


6) It’s a great thing to do with friends.  Riding with friends can push you to do more and to try things you might not try on your own.  You can progress faster if you ride with friends.

learn to snowboard

7) It’s a lifelong thing.  Once you learn it, you own it.  You will develop muscle memory and you will not have to repeat the learning curve.  So get out there and get it done!

8) It doesn’t have to be expensive to learn.  There are plenty of early season deals out there right now to get you hooked.  And January is “Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month” so there are many more deals to be had then.  Many of them involve bonuses for the rest of the season after you complete their lesson programs.
learn to snowboard

9) “If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.” (a recurring them in the new Warren Miller movie No Turning Back)None of us are getting any younger and learning now just means you’ll be having fun longer.  And the younger you learn, the easier learning will be-so get out there!

When you decide that you want to learn to snowboard, you might want to check out our tips to make your first days more enjoyable.  Snowboarding gives you a new way to see things and a new way to express yourself.  There is a lot of freedom that goes along with snowboarding.  It is limited only by your imagination.  Have we mentioned that before?  It’s that important that it bears mentioning again.  And it is a great way to gently push the boundaries of your comfort zone.  But most of all it’s fun, your way!

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