Month: May 2017

Affordable womens snowboards…no longer an afterthought

Women’s snowboards under $400 In the world of snowboarding, women and their equipment often seem like an afterthought.  But if you know where to look, there are some great women’s snowboards out there. Here is a recap of a few favorites this season from Gnu, […]

Jones and Roxy Snowboards bring it to the table for women!

Because there is too much to say about women’s snowboards to cover in one article, here is the next chapter.  The boards featured here offer more tech and some unique features that you don’t find at a lower price point.  Here’s where we look at […]

New-ish Tech: Gnu Asym Sidecuts

Gnu Asym (read asymmetrical) snowboard sidecut technology has been around for several years so it’s not exactly brand new.   And if you go all the way back to the eighties you can find asym tech on various boards coming out of the Elan factory in […]

Want to learn to snowboard? start reading…

Learning to snowboard can be a bit intimidating…people blasting down the mountain at warp speed, jumping up on rails and boxes, flying off of jumps and stopping within an inch of your life, leaving you with a face full of snow. But it doesn’t have […]

Snowboard Boot Sizing

Snowboard boots are the most important pieces of gear you will buy.  There are a great variety of snowboard boot sizings and styles on the market, from stiff boots designed for increased support, to soft and flexible boots that allow for more freedom of movement.  […]

CandyGrind…beyond the chairlift

how it began… The year is 2007.  Three guys riding a lift together at Brenkenridge start talking about the need for good quality, functional snowboarding accessories.  This is how the Candygrind story begins. Austin Paik, Aaron Mynett and Nick Demello were spending pretty much every […]

Snowboarding Outreach: More Common Than You’d Expect

Sometimes it seems that snowboarding still bares the stigma of being mostly for teenagers who are looking for just another way to rebel against mom and dad, and society in general.  A lot of these stereotypes are a carry-over from the days when snowboarders were […]

Women’s Snowboarding Clinics: No Boys Allowed…

Learn to Ride snowboard programs are becoming very popular these days and many resorts in New England are offering women’s snowboard clinics.  Sorry, no boys allowed… Women-specific snowboard programs are designed to make women feel more comfortable while learning and progressing in their riding.  These […]

Discount lift tickets…here’s where to find them

This season looks like it will be a good one for those of us who pine away the warmer months hoping for snow.  Many of the ski areas are getting real snow in addition to the man made stuff and that makes for many happy […]

The Jones Splitboard Solution: the best of both worlds

  The snow is falling and the mountains are being blanketed in white goodness.  And that means the opportunities for splitboarding are growing fast.  And for me that means it’s time to hop off the couch, tune up my tried and true Jones splitboard and […]

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