2017 Salomon Ultimate Ride Snowboard


A few years ago Salomon came out with the all mountain beast and Bode Miller’s signature deck, The Man’s Board. It was an advanced freestyle board geared toward people who like things on the stiffer side with a ton of pop and edge hold that also rode great in powder. That snowboard has been transformed into the 2017 Salomon Ultimate Ride, and while it retains its glorious stiffer all-mountain flex, it has undergone some major changes in its shape and profile.

I demoed the Ultimate Ride last season and really dug how well it held together blasting through chop and carving up the hard pack. Salomon bills this as an “Alaska lines to streets” board, but if you’re not Bode Miller you probably won’t be in the streets with this. Even so, I felt the tips had extra play in them making edge to edge transfer just a little looser than the previous year’s Man’s Board. It’s still not loose enough for super buttery park riding, but that’s not why you buy this board.

One of the big changes on the Ultimate Ride is the Quadrilizer sidecut and Quad camber profiles. Both of these features use several different technologies to notch up the board’s performance. Combined, they increase edge hold when charging fast on hard pack and the added rocker sections give a little extra float in powder, as well as a little looser feel. Also, I can’t help but mention again that this board has a ton of pop.

The Ultimate Ride is a true twin board with equal tip and tail lengths and a centered flex. You’ll notice right away that the tips have a different “bat wing” shape and they’re reinforced with metal plates on the base- I’m thinking it can probably handle a good amount of abuse. The board is very light and uses carbon stringers, Salomon calls them “Ghost Beams”, coupled with a biaxial and triaxial fiberglass layup that gives it some stiffness where needed while saving weight.

I think Salomon’s aim with the Ultimate Ride was to strike a balance over last season’s Man’s Board by softening up the tip and tail, while retaining stiffness through the middle sections. The new sintered base also felt a lot faster and helped give the board a looser edge-to-edge feel- meaning it turned on a dime.

The Ultimate Ride comes in a 150, 153, 155, 158 and 161. The waist widths run a little more towards the mid-wide side of things, but not by much, so if you have big feet you probably will be good to go. If you weigh anywhere between 110 and 230 pounds you’ll be able to the find the right UR board for you. This is a great all-mountain board that has a slightly loose feel for a more forgiving ride. If you’re not already a really good rider then it will challenge you to be one.



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