2017 Salomon Pact Snowboard Bindings

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In our last post we looked at the Salomon Defender bindings. The Defenders are suited for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a very responsive binding with ShadowFit tech and other upgraded features. The 2017 Salomon Pact snowboard bindings, on the other hand, has a soft flex that is very comfortable for beginner snowboarders and riders that spend a lot of time jibbing in the park- and it’s very affordable.

The Pact has a lot of the same tech as some of Salomon’s higher end bindings including Composite Ratchets, 3D Prime Ankle Strap, and Lock-In Toe Straps- but it comes in at a much lower price point.
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  • The 3D Prime ankle strap forms to the shape of your boot so that it stays put no matter how tight or loose you adjust it. And if you have Salomon boots the strap will fit perfectly with the tongue providing ore comfort.
  • The Lock-In Toe Straps are cored out to hug the shape of your boot and they are made of a flexible rubber that grips the toe box. You don’t have to constantly readjust the strap or worry about it slipping off while your shredding.
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  • The Pact also has the Integrated Mountain System (IMS) disc plates that keeps your bolts in place while you are adjusting your stance angles or tweaking your stance width.   The discs can also accommodate a wide range of mounting systems from other board companies.
  • HB Filter material in the baseplate and Dual Layer EVA Pads absorb vibration and shock to reduce leg fatigue and foot pain. The toe ramp is adjustable to accommodate your boot size.
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  • Tool Free strap adjustments for the forward lean on the high back, ankle strap and toe strap make it easy to adjust your entire binding on the hill without having to take your gloves off. Micro adjustment slots on the ankle straps allow you to get a perfect fit for your boots.
  • Free Frame highback is ergonomically shaped to fit the back of your boot seemlessly. The grooved plate locks your boot in place so it doesn’t slide up.

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The Pact also comes in a women’s version called the Spell that has women-specific sizing and colorways, and with all the features of the men’s. Many of the features on the Pact and Spell are not found on other bindings coming in at the same price point. Both are great entry-level or park bindings that will give you comfort, adjustability and performance at a savings that is really incredible!

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