10 reasons why standup paddleboarding is better than kayaking

Standup paddleboarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world.  Coincidence?  We think not.  There are many wonderful things about SUP that have led to it the top of the list of latest and greatest things that everyone should try.

Standup paddleboarding is gaining converts from kayaking and surfing alike, and here are 10 reasons why sup is better than kayaking.

1. You are basically walking on water!   Self explanatory

2.  We are a culture that sits way too much.  Many of us sit all day at work and then go home and sit in front of the tv.  We need to get up and move around more.  Sitting is terrible for your back, legs, and overall fitness.  So standing on a paddleboard is good for your body!  Standing up forces you to engage many more muscles and builds the super important core muscles.

3.  Full body workout.  Going along with number 2, SUP is a great full body workout.  Kayaking doesn’t hit all of your muscle groups.  Standing on the board forces your legs to engage and your core to keep you sable.  You are really getting a full body workout every time you take to the water on your SUP once you learn proper paddling technique.

4.  Ease of transport.  Most paddleboards are considerably lighter and easier to handle than kayaks.  You can handle an SUP by yourself in most situations.  The added weight and size of kayaks make them much more of a challenge to load on a car roof or lug down to the water.

5.  Versatility…you can take a paddleboard pretty much anywhere.  You can take them into lakes, oceans, rivers, and surf.  While you can surf kayaks, surfing on sup’s is much closer to actual surfing and the sensation of standing on waves is kind of like flying…exhilarating, and fun, and a little scary, and awesome!  And portaging with a paddleboard is much easier than with a kayak.

6. You can practice a variety of fitness endeavors on a paddleboard: yoga, squats, and pushups, just to name a few.  Having to balance on the board while performing these things adds another, wonderfully challenging dimension to a typical workout.  You will engage different muscles just by balancing and that translates to functional strength and building core strength.

7. Getting back on.  If you have ever tried to get back into a canoe in the middle of a lake, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get back on an sup after falling off.  It’s a piece of cake.  You don’t have to learn any special techniques to get back up, there’s no rolling necessary, and you are not stuck to your board while underwater.  A leash will keep it close, but you are free and clear to move around and you can get back on pretty much anywhere, no bilge pump required.  And if you get too hot, you can just jump in to cool off and hop right back on.

8.  The view is incredible.  You are walking on water.  Your sight line is higher than when sitting in a kayak, so you get to see things from a different and wonderful perspective.

9.  You always have the option to sit or lie down.  If you get tired or just want to take a break, you are free to sit or even lie down on your board to relax or rest.

10.  If you fish, you will be better able to see the fish from standing.  Paddleboard fishing allows you to get right into where the fish hang out and you can see them from a ways away so you know where to aim with your line.

We are not against kayaking at all.  Many of our friends enjoy kayaking and we are excited for them.  But for us, sup will win out every time.  There is something so peaceful and meditative about standing out on the lake on a glassy day, and something so exhilarating about standing on your board out in open water on a challenging day.   It’s a feeling you just can get sitting in a boat.



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